We are business partner with Unit4

Ever since 1995 we have installed administrative solutions based on the Unit4 Business. Konsultnet is the IT Company with commitment and affection. We deliver superior planning solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

At Konsultnet we work after five keywords. We are responsive, analytical, creative, competent and committed. This means that we adapt to your needs and wishes and make sure that you find sustainable solutions that create added value. How we succeed is a matter of experience. Our consultants have been working for this for many years and have a great knowledge base regarding the implementation and further development of business systems. Therefore, we welcome you to Konsultnet. Digitizing is our everyday life!

Serious commitments

Our clients are in most cases medium and large companies and organizations. Our success goes back fifteen years and is built on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. As our client you always get your service on time and according to the price we agreed on. We guarantee you a successful project.

Results that can be measured

Each solution we deliver must be of value to your business – regardless of software, tool or service. The value has to be described clearly, and must be something which can be measured by our clients.

Well-run and secure

Konsultnet has been evaluated by Sweden’s leading business and credit information agency UC and Soliditet, and has the highest credit rating. Konsultnet is self-funded and has no long-term liabilities.

Quality and organization

We use the strategic performance management tool Balanced Scorecard. Each employee has their own scorecard, and every time we make a strategic decision based on BSC, it must affect our customers in a positive way.