We are a business partner of Unit4

At Konsultnet, we help you to make the right decision. Ever since 1995, we have been installing administrative solutions based on the Unit4 Business World business system. We rationalise procedures and processes in companies and government agencies.

We know Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso)

Our competence extends across all sub-elements that are relevant for the business system and its ongoing development and administration.

  • Business Development
  • New installations
  • Upgrades
  • Administration

Customised solutions
Our consultants listen to you and identify your needs in order to find solutions that are right for you.

We deliver quality on time
Every solution provides added value for you, whichever program, tool or service you choose.

You have a successful project
Working together, we achieve agreed project and impact goals.

We at Konsultnet work according to five watchwords. We are responsive, analytical, creative, competent and engaged. This means that we adapt according to your needs and preferences, and make sure that we find sustainable solutions that create added value. How we succeed in this is a question of experience. Our consultants have been working on this for many years and have a vast knowledge base when it comes to the implementation and further development of business systems. This is why we welcome you to Konsultnet. To digitalise our everyday lives!

Superior service

Our consultants can give you advice and create customised solutions in Unit4 Business World.

  • We rationalise your business
  • We guarantee successful projects
  • We go the extra mile

Get to know us at Konsultnet

Employees have their say

Ekaterina Stense, application consultant

“It’s important for me to develop, and I’m doing that as an application consultant. I think it’s fun to challenge myself.”

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Christian Lindqvist, business consultant

“I’m innovative because I always question whether things can’t be done better. Not being satisfied just because something works. After all, it can always work even better!”

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