We deliver added value

Our philosophy is based on responsibility and care for our customers. We believe that the personal relationship between you and us as IT consultant is important: we want you to feel safe and satisfied – it makes the projects so much more fun.

On time and according to budget

Delivery time and strict observance of budgets are important to you. Therefore, we want you to know that Konsultnet has fulfilled all its promises for over 15 years: on time, according to the agreed price.

We deliver successful projects

Together we provide you with successful IT projects. In addition, we always have the intention to deliver results in the long term. The better we get to know each other, the more successful the projects will be. This is what experience has taught us.

Just the right delivery

Our success is built on mutual and long-term customer relationships. We pay attention to your needs and wishes. By always working in a goal-oriented manner and identifying your needs, we find solutions to fit your requirements and give you the long-term value which makes you choose us again.

Little effort gave big time saving

A large estate agent was able to save four days’ calendar time on its monthly audit thanks to Konsultnet improving routines and creating better system support for corporate reporting.

Recurring problem for loading budget solved

On behalf of clients, Konsultnet have implemented a tool for loading budgets into the accounting systems where monitoring is carried out. Previously, such operations were completely manual: done in Excel then manually entered into the accounting system. The whole process took several weeks of time for the treasurer and about 15 managers, each of whom was budgeting for their own cost center. The new routine involved simplified management and budget oversight, and the fully automatic loading of the final budget into the finance system. This is estimated to have saved approximately 40-60 hours on the yearly budget work, and when there are fewer manual steps the quality too is higher.

Support on New Years day

On New Year’s Day, which fell on a Friday, a customer emailed saying that she was in a sticky situation, and needed help by Monday at the latest in order to start closing the books. We saw her message and realized that there was a crisis, as she was not prone to cry wolf. On Saturday, the customer’s problem was solved.

Dream internal billing routine

A customer had problems recording inter-company transactions, and a lot of corrections and changes were required. One major problem was that the supplier’s invoices were not certified in their ledger but were in the customer’s ledger. The client told us what their “dream internal billing routine” would look like. Konsultnet proceeded to build the solution and the recording problems disappeared.

Saved four days per month

A customer took out statistics manually and it took four days every month. Konsultnet built a report which solved the problem.

Automatic match

A customer which spent half a day every week sorting out which invoice various currencies came from in order to assign the costs to the right people now runs a report developed by Konsultnet. This is done once a month and automatically matches and assigns these differences.

Automatic card payments

A customer which had previously spent one day a week processing card payments from its online store now simple runs a report developed by Konsultnet. The report collects and processes all these card payments automatically in the customer’s ledger.

Allocation model to distribute overhead COSTs

On behalf of its clients, Konsultnet built an allocation model to distribute overhead costs and create internal invoices. These invoices land in a document archive and are thus available via verification. Previously, this process was carried out in Excel and took one or two days every month to work through, with the invoices being put into a binder. The new model includes report and processing orders to collect distribution transactions, and generates invoices which are placed in an archive connected to the transactions.

Reporting package with added value

On behalf of its clients, Konsultnet has implemented a report package for two controllers per department regarding the monitoring of results in comparison to budgets and forecasts. The report package also includes reports for those responsible for costs, to help with monitoring within the department. This was previously done manually in Excel and took the responsible controllers over a week to complete; they now do it by running one overall report and one report for all those responsible for costs, which can then be easily distributed via mail.