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Customer references – this is what our customers think about us

Here you can read reviews and customer references that we have collected from our customers.

Konsultnet has shown engagement from the very first day and quickly acquainted themselves with our business. They have been reliable business partners who have helped us to implement the system in a record time and have always been easy to work with. We can warmly recommend Konsultnet and look forward to continued, long collaboration.

Linnea Corell, CFO at Intea

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The result of the upgrade has exceeded expectations, we could never have dreamt that it would be done in two months. It’s gone so smoothly, and there are processes for every stage of the project. If a question arose, it was resolved very quickly and we had an immediate response.

Peter Peterson, CFO at FTI

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The relationship with Konsultnet worked excellently. They were competent, interested and engaged, and in project work they were skilled at transferring competence to our own employees. Collaboration between consultants and employees exceeded our expectations.

Anette Ekstrand, CFO at HSB Stockholm

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Einar Mattsson

The template-based approach is by far the biggest change. Having pre-defined templates means that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time and represents an improvement for us and above all for our management customers.

Jeanette Skierus, project manager and terotechnologist at Einar Mattsson

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Business Sweden

They got it right from the beginning, which is a very impressive effort from Konsultnet. They found out exactly how we wanted it to be, and for our part we really became engaged. Everything has been done here on site at our place, and we’ve worked well together. They’ve completed an exemplary delivery – from project management to documentation.

Håkan Persson, CFO at Business Sweden

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The physical environment affects the way we behave. Depending on how it’s laid out, you can make different things happen, or not happen. Based on which work method you want to use and which development you want to support, the premises have a major impact on whether or not you succeed. This is why the entire premises are a tool for business development. Having spent two years testing and fine-tuning, we can confirm that this way of working is one that works and that our employees like.

Sören Sandell, IT Manager at Vasakronan

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I’ve worked with Konsultnet since 2002, during all my time at Nutek. They meet all the demands I make of external consultants: they must be knowledgeable, keep to schedules and be able to respond if we have a problem.

Bengt Wiklund, CFO at the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

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Our relationship is a long one, which is just how it should be when it comes to finance systems. It’s not something you change often. Konsultnet has an understanding of the problem and provides good service. I like the way they come here, resolve our problem and leave us with good documentation so that we can manage things ourselves – they don’t make themselves indispensable.

Per Kjellin, Systems Administrator at the Swedish Transport Administration

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As a client, you want it to be possible to solve problems quickly and effectively. I’d say that Konsultnet is the answer to the question of what a good consultant should be.

Mats Person, CFO at HSB Bostad

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Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider (LFV) chose Effectplan as part of the digital transformation in their organization

LFV needed a dynamic solution with the ability to retrieve data from other systems and handle the complexity of the organization, which entails substantial requirements for systems and suppliers.

“This is outstanding. It is exactly what I want. This will make it so much easier to extract reports and create diagrams on the basis of comparisons and make use of this in the forecast.” Niclas Telje, Head of Controlling at LFV

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Fryshuset shortens the budget process to one month

At Fryshuset there was an increased demand from the board and management to get a better overview of thecosts of the various business operations and contributions from external donors. There was a growing need fora modern and efficient system support during the budget process. The choice fell on a new budget system – Effectplan.
“We will be able to shorten our budget process includinganalysis to one month”
Jenny Grönvall, CFO Fryshuset

Svensk Byggtjänst’s upgrade saves time

Upgrading to Agresso 5.5 and a number of automated report flows have given Svensk Byggtjänst a financial solution that saves time every month. CFO Annika Nelson looks back on a project where structure and organization stood out above all.

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The Swedish Trade Council’s smart transfer

Exportrådet’s (The Swedish Trade Council) new corporate reporting system is fully integrated with Agresso and will make a big difference by speeding up financial reporting. The goal is to halve the time required for monthly accounts – from four to two days. CFO Håkan Persson is very pleased with the project, which also means higher quality and less manual administration.

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