Business Development

Business development is very much about strategy, structure and culture. Strategic development is about how the business can achieve the goals set based in its vision and business concept. A key element of this work is the realisation of plans and activities adopted by management. We help you with process review, business analysis, business governance and change management.

Examples of processes we can help you with

  • Purchasing – ordering to payment
  • Project – the project’s life cycle
  • Invoicing – compilation of base data to paid invoice
  • Finance – registration to reporting

Content of a business analysis

A business analysis can contain one or more components. We do, however, recommend that a system analysis is also combined with a process analysis in order to gain a more comprehensive view of the business. A review of the finance model can also be included as part of a business analysis assignment, or as part of a bigger review of the company’s or the organisation’s governance model. One partial result from an investigation of the finance process can be the production of a finance manual, which describes agreed procedures, policies, flows, responsibilities and role allocation, together with the administration model for finance/code plan.

Methodology and results in a business analysis

An analysis project always starts with the setting of project goals, when we work with the customer to make sure that the impact goals are measurable and specify which processes and organisational issues are to be examined.

Inventory of needs
Together with the customer, we map out the current situation in the processes identified, describing the strengths, weaknesses, bottlenecks, disparities and manual steps in the current work processes, procedures and systems. The analysis of the current situation also highlights any disparities within each process for the company or the organisation.

Using the current situation as a basis, we can now proceed to analyse the desired target situation. The target situation means that existing strengths are enhanced and identified weakness are improved or replaced with new process steps and/or new system functionality. Analysis work, i.e. which improvements should be carried out, takes place together with the customers, after which Konsultnet’s consultants design proposed improvements in the process and system.

Target situation
Suggested improvements are presented at a target situation workshop, at which we work together with the customer to evaluate and prioritise system and process measures based on a simplicity perspective and a benefit perspective.

The end product is a report that constitutes supporting data for decisions on ongoing work, with the measures that offer the highest value being clearly identified. Konsultnet can also offer support in the form of help with the implementation of new system functions, test support for the customer’s processes, change management for the introduction of new processes and operational support for the new system solution.

Process review

At a time when things are changing quickly, it is even more important that both system solutions and processes can be changed. The interplay between processes, systems and users is a key factor for the ability to manage changes. Konsultnet’s experienced business consultants help you to analyse the needs and suggest improved processes that are right for your business.

Business governance

We can create conditions together with you to produce models that work together, and we make sure that you receive the right system support for your business governance. You will be able to go from plan to implementation and then follow up on your governing documents on an ongoing basis. We can help you take the step from conventional budget to rolling, activity-based forecasts. This integrates planning and governance as part of your ongoing business activities.
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Change Management

No two change situations are the same, each instance of change has its special conditions and separate requirements for solutions. What they do have in common, however, is that they all require planning, participation and ongoing follow-up. Konsultnet’s methodology for change management is based on the following components.

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Administration and further development

In our view, the administration perspective has a strong link to ongoing system maintenance and development. The big challenge is often new requirements for changes and the importance of keeping your sights set on the right goal from the outset.
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