New installations of Unit4 Business World

New installations is about making the best of the conditions that exist in the business. About making system support and work processes future-compatible, and realising long-term values with the solutions offered by the Unit4 Business World business system.

Konsultnet has been involved in running new installations, upgrades and ongoing development of Unit4 Business World (formerly Agresso) for more than 20 years, with total responsibility for everything from major projects for groups of more than 120 companies to projects on a smaller scale. This diversity of assignments has made us unique in creating value through the choice of solutions and adapting ourselves to the customer’s reality when it comes to financial and organisational conditions.

Pilot study

Initial analyses are used as a basis for setting goals for a new installation project and designing the right solution for the customer based on their needs. Rationalisation is often about removing manual procedures and minimising the risk of errors. The processes are then automated, with time being saved and quality improved.


Implementation is about implementing the business system and work processes so that values are realised based on the organisation’s conditions and needs. This is where we continue to build on the result of the analysis and adjust the design if a need arises for a change. Having the right objective creates flexible solutions that bring future change to the business. Adopting a long-term approach lays the foundations for creating value with the initiatives carried out throughout the entire project.

Creating value

Creating value is about finding out how well the business system and the work processes meet the business’s requirements.

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