Unit4 Business World (ERP) business system

With the Unit4 Business World business system (formerly Agresso), you can manage all of the business’s processes in a unified, integrated and cloud-based business system. Unit4 Business World has been developed with a focus on the user.

  • Lower costs
  • High system performance
  • High security

The business system is easy to adapt to the business’s needs. With Unit4 Business World, you receive several benefits from the fact that it is cloud-based. These include lower costs, better system performance and a high level of security.

The applications in Unit4 Business World have been developed in a way that makes it easy for users themselves to adapt and change them.

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Achieve sharper insights with the Unit4 Business World business system

  • Administrative expenses
  • Less need for reconciliations
  • More reliable information
  • Greater transparency of information and processes

The strengths of the Unit4 Business World business system include electronic invoice processing and customer invoicing, which are enhanced through integration with other applications within Unit4 Business World. Integration results in benefits including lower administrative expenses, less need for reconciliations, more reliable information and greater transparency of information and processes.

Business system that offers better collaboration

What makes Unit4 Business World stand out from the crowd is its flexibility, as the business system can be changed to quickly respond to internal and external changes.

With Unit4 Business World as a business system, you are always close to business-critical information and to your colleagues. With smart, integrated solutions for collaboration and sharing information, you can work together more efficiently.

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  • Analysis
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  • Upgrade
  • System integration
  • Further development
  • Administration
  • Training

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