Come work with us

Working at Konsultnet is a bit special. Terms such involvement, happiness and satisifcation are a part of the everyday working life of our employees. We want everyone to feel that they are developing at work – both in the office and when visiting customers. In other words, they get to use their hearts and their brains. Welcome to a team of talented individuals. Welcome to Konsultnet.

Development and challenges

We want our employees to go outside their comfort zone. That’s our way of ensuring that you grow both as a human being and in your career. Your ideas are valuable, and creativity and good work ethics are crucial as we are at the forefront of technology to improve the internal processes of our customers.

Responsibility and sense of security

As an employee, we support you in everything from pension issues to ensuring you have generous health insurance. We give all employees six weeks of vacation. We value job security and take responsibility for ensuring that our employees feel secure with their jobs.

Reward system

We work as a team and our reward system is fair and equal for everyone on the team. This creates harmony in the group, with everyone working towards the same objective. This also gives new hires the right conditions for development.